DJI Osmo Mobile 4 may get magnetic quick mounts, according to leak

COVID-19 has thrown things into disarray, but despite all this, it looks like DJI is reading to reveal the next iteration its smartphone gimbal series with the Osmo Mobile 4. The device is yet to officially see the light of day, but leaked footage found by Roland Quandt of WinFuture, may have revealed things ahead of time.

According to Quandt, who obtained promotional video of the Osmo Mobile 4 (pasted below), the new gimbal will feature a magnetic system for quickly changing different mounts.

It looks to be the only substantial change, but could prove to be a significant one for content creators who want to switch between mounts a bit more easily. From what we can gauge, the system would require users to stick a magnetic mount to the back of their smartphone, which would then snap onto the magnetic disc on the Osmo Mobile 4.

Whether such a system would more secure than the current setup, remains to be seen, but it would be quite a bit easier than what is currently available on the Osmo Mobile 3.

That said, the current gimbal offering is quite handy indeed for content creators, so unless DJI has some other features ready in waiting, there may not be an immediate need to upgrade to this forthcoming model just yet.

Other elements of the leak also appear that DJI are going to go for an abbreviated model name for this gimbal, choosing to call it the OM 4 instead. It’s not a massive change, and in many respects, makes a lot of sense given how much the Osmo range has grown in recent years.

WinFuture also notes that the OM 4 would house a 2 450mAh battery to deliver up to 15 hours of use, as well as retail for €150 (~R2 969). If true it would make it quite a bit more expensive than the predecessor model.

With DJI yet to officially reveal the device, we’ll have to wait to see what other features are included, as well as how much the manufacturer will sell it in SA for.


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