Here’s the new intro cinematic for Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 has finally left Early Access and its 1.0 release has brought with it a slew of new content, including an intro cinematic when you fire up the game.

The short cutscene, which we’ve embedded below, is around 90 seconds long and features the Commando. This character is a mainstay of the series and returns from the original game. The Commando is the first character you get to play as in Risk of Rain 2 and it is used extensively in the official art and marketing material for the game.

Aside from the familiar fishbowl of the Commando, we also get to see the spaceship the UES Safe Travels, as seen above. This ship is tied to a new character also seen in the cutscene, the Captain, which has been added to the game for its release update. The Captain can call from orbital support from UES Safe travels.

The full 1.0 patch notes are available here and, aside from this cutscene, there’s another one available when you beat the game. A proper ending and credits sequence accompanies this.

Other inclusions here are new music tracks, monsters, items, challenges, lore and more.

For those who already found the game a bit hectic things have been amped up even more. The patch notes mention an “Increase [in] difficulty rate over time for all difficulties by +10%”. This has been done to balance buffs which have been applied to many items in the game, so that the player and the enemies remain on some equal footing.

Booting up the game after the 1.0 patch and we can certainly feel the difference after partaking in a free weekend back in 2019.

The 1.0 release of Risk of Rain 2 is available right now on Steam and is discounted by 20% until 18th August. This will be coming to consoles – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – in “the near future“.


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