The 5 most exciting announcements from the latest State of Play

PlayStation’s State of Play, a semi-regular announcements event, has taken place again in August and brought with it a host of new games, release dates, reveals and more.

If you missed the livestream you can still watch the VOD right here which clocks in at 42 minutes.

As always some announcements are better than others so we’ve collected our favourites below. Thankfully individual trailers have also been released for each, so you can hit play just on them instead of the full stream.

Unfortunately our prediction of seeing Spider-Man didn’t come to fruition, but there was still a lot to get excited about.

Spelunky 2 – release date

Spelunky is one of the most influential roguelikes ever and now we finally know that the sequel will launch on 15th September, first on PlayStation 4 with a Steam release “shortly after”. More platforms outside of the PS4 and PC will be looked into after that.

Aside from the release date the trailer above shows off online multiplayer, progression involving unlocking NPCS, more to explore in the game’s world, and even branching paths.

Veterans of the first game will be happy to see more variety in the shops, which have always been a pivotal part of runs.

Vader Immortal – launch trailer

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series releases on 25th August for PlayStation VR and this trailer shows a supercut of lightsaber combat and even some Force Lightning.

The official Star Wars site reveals a bit more about this collection of the three episodes of Vader Immortal which will be available as a single purchase.

Control Expansion 2 AWE – announcement 

This announcement was our favourite of the bunch and will be the second expansion for Control after The Foundation.

As explained by developer Remedy Entertainment AWE stands for “Altered World Event”. One of these events happened in Alan Wake, which means this is a crossover of the developer’s two games with Wake himself appearing in (and providing voiceover for) the trailer.

For those, like us, who are frothing at the mouth for this we will be seeing more soon. On 13th August the first 15 minutes of AWE will be streamed on Twitch.

Expansion 2 AWE releases on 27th August for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through the Epic Games Store as a paid expansion. That’s enough time to play 2010’s Alan Wake for the first time, or yet another playthrough for existing fans.

Temtem – Console announcements

Temtem, the creature collecting and battling game, made a rather big splash when it launched into Early Access on PC in the beginning of this year.

State of Play brings words that, in 2021, the game will also be coming to PlayStation 5. Elsewhere the developers have also announced ports for the Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch.

While that’s good news overall, it comes with a massive downside: planned releases on the previous gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been dropped. This is a bitter pill to swallow as games on both Microsoft and Sony consoles have been targeting releases on both as we move into the next generation, though we can understand it for an indie game like this.

Those who supported the game’s Kickstarter specifically to get PS4 or Xbox One access can instead get the game on the newer console or change platform to PC or Switch. 

The Pedestrian – PS4 announcement

Now this is one of those games we’ve been following for years now. The Pedestrian is a unique puzzle platformer which sees you playing as those little pictograms of people in street signs, notice boards and other signage.

This game was previously available for PC only but now we know it will also be on the PlayStation 4 come January 2021. On Twitter the developer has also stated that a Nintendo Switch port is “in the works” but no further details have been provided there.

Overall this State of Play was a rather good one in our opinion. Many have expressed being letdown by it as the focus was on third party titles instead of big PlayStation exclusives, but what we did get was exciting.


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