Calls to pat Cerberus in Hades prove a success

Recently the influential account Can You Pet the Dog? – which has convinced developers to change their games in the past – discovered an injustice in the 1.0 release version of Hades: not many people are petting Cerberus enough.

For some context Hades takes place inside of Greek mythology where you play as the son of Hades, Zagreus. As in many tales from this mythology a giant three-headed dog named Cerberus guards the gates of the underworld.

When Cerberus isn’t doing that, however, he can be found in the house of Hades where you can talk to him, give him treats and, of course, pet him.

Petting Cerberus 10 times or more actually gets players an achievement called “Three-Headed Boy”. It’s this achievement that Can You Pet the Dog? had an issue with.

Looking at the global achievements for the game the account found that only 12.1 percent of the game’s owners had earned this achievement and asked for more people to pursue it. Developer of Hades Supergiant Games even endorsed it with a retweet.

It’s been a good few days since that call to action and we’ve been watching the global stats closely. It has now crossed the 15 percent mark to, at the time of writing, 15.4 percent.

Supergiant Games recently revealed that Hades had crossed the million sales mark so that’s a decent number of people taking the time to pet the dog. We’re willing to bet that the numbers are higher than 15.4 percent due to the fact that Hades is also available on the Epic Games Store and the eShop for Nintendo Switch, both of which aren’t reflected in the Steam achievements.

If you haven’t played Hades yet we highly recommend it, and if you have picked it up and found yourself thoroughly trounced, see our beginner’s guide.


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