SMEs a key focus at next month’s SingularityU Summit Online

It is well known that small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of any successful economy. It is also why locally there has been a significant push to help SMEs  during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. With that in mind, next month’s SingularityU Summit South Africa Online is also placing an emphasis on SMEs, and detailed a number of the events it will available to them on 14th and 15th October.

Organisers explain that the presentations that have been designed to be of particular relevance to the SME sector are “vast and in-depth”. Kyle Hermans, founder and CEO of Be Courageous, for example, will be talking about the exponential mindset needed for an SME, along with sharing his actionable approach.

Furthermore, several of the presentations will address current circumstances amidst the global pandemic. Here, American Molly Pyle’s talk is set to focus on the topic of “Working from Home or Remotely 3.0”. Added to this will be LinkedIn’s Top Voice in Tech, Cathy Hackl, who will unpack the concept of the metaverse – where synthetic humans are customers.

From a leadership perspective, SMEs are said to have multiple options of impactful presentations to attend. There are also a number of workshops that have been planned for SingularityU next month, including:

  • Instagram Stories & Reels for SMEs – Hosted by Facebook
  • Rewire your mind for high performance – by Gilan Gork
  • The SME Mindset – by Kyle Hermans
  • Moonshot Thinking: by Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys
  • Smarten up your home with IoT – by Phathizwe Malinga​
  • The Stress Code – by author Richard Sutton
  • Business Rescue by Cobra – by Maurice Crespi
  • Getting off the grid, whichever plain you’re on – by Adriana Marais.

“We recognise the significant growth in contribution that SME’s make to the global economy,” notes Mic Mann, Co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa.

“We believe that these talks and presentations will boost the SME sector in an impactful way,” adds Shayne Mann, Co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa.

With the speaker lineup for the event now surpassing 80, there will likely be plenty to engage with for attendees.

To that end, the organisers say that they have changed up the format for this year’s Summit, outside of being virtual, with shorter talks for deeper engagement online and less screen fatigue. The Summit will also feature an online expo area, where delegates can experience the latest products and developments from exhibitors.


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