ExoCorps Early Access First Impressions – Fly, shoot, die

ExoCorps from Gingerbred is an Early Access Steam game that features intense high speed battles against either bots or other human opponents. The game is set in 2040 and players will step into a high power exoskeleton suit while waging battles in a variety of top secret locations on Earth and in space.

ExoCorps is still in Early Access and as such, is quite rough around the edges. The game doesn’t have a single player campaign right now and this may annoy some people who would like a bit more background to their shooting action.

Players will take on the role of an unnamed soldier from a peacekeeping group and don an exosuit. The exosuit imparts heightened movement speed, as well as limited flight capabilities to you via its jetpack.

Flying in ExoCorps is incredibly enjoyable. The high speed and being able to control your jetpack’s propulsion to switch itself on and off while using low gravity to “coast” is great. The sense of speed the game imparts upon you is just right in the air.

On the ground, movement feels incredibly fast. Too fast maybe since there’s a definite chance of someone feeling motion sick here.

Currently ExoCorps features 3 major game modes (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch) in 5 battle arenas alongside a tutorial mode which will help players get to grips with the game’s controls. Playing the tutorial mode first is an absolute must.

There’s quite a few complex systems to get used to and players definitely need to learn how to use all of them if they want to have fun in ExoCorps multiplayer mode both online or offline against bot opponents.

Gameplay in ExoCorps features high speed movement combined with precise shooting and dodging. It feels as if someone took a traditional first person shooter and cranked up the movement speed a couple hundred points and added a jetpack.

This isn’t a bad thing, but it definitely needs some getting used to. The weaponry on offer in ExoCorps right now also needs a bit of work. Every weapon just feels lacklustre right now except for the rail-gun and missiles.

Players will have to shoot at their foes with their multi-purpose rifle and dodge incoming missiles and other projectiles. When in the air you can use a flare gun to dodge missiles but this seems to be quite hit and miss right now with the missiles still being able to track and hit you fairly often.

Shockingly for some reason, the game has fall damage that is quite lethal. If you slip up with your jetpack, enjoy dying. This will happen often and can be infuriating at times. A “detection” mechanic is also present in the game which alerts you when you are being tracked or locked onto.

Graphically, ExoCorps is photo-realistically breathtaking. The ground, the rocks and the sky look amazing. Weapon effects and weapon sounds however need work. They just lack both the visual and auditory punch they need to really be satisfying in combat.

Currently, all five maps on offer in the game look great but there isn’t too much variation between them. Each one still features rocky outcrops and hills and lots of sand despite being set in different locations. We would like to see some more maps made available for the final release.

Ultimately, as it stands right now ExoCorps is a multiplayer focused first person shooter with some great ideas. The execution however is lacking and given a few more months in development, it might turn into quite a hit.

If you do pick ExoCorps up while it’s in Early Access be sure to provide feedback to Gingerbred so that the developers can actively update and improve upon the game. It’s quite cheap on Steam right now if you want to give it a go.


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