Microsoft Teams sees six month surge to 115 million daily active users

Does anyone remember Skype? It use to be the default videoconferencing platform for any before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and for some reason Zoom came in and ate its lunch. It also looks like Microsoft Teams has benefitted as a result of more people using online tools during the pandemic.

So much so in fact that Microsoft CEO Staya Nadella recently confirmed in an earnings call that Microsoft Teams has now garnered 115 million daily active users. This represents an increase of nearly 50 percent over the past six months, with the same figure sitting around 75 million at the time.

As for how this stacks up against the likes of Zoom and Google Meet, as The Verge points it is a tad difficult to compare direct numbers, especially as the both platforms use a daily active participants metric instead.

To that end Zoom says it has 300 million daily active participants and Google Meet has 100 million.

If we’re taking participants to mean users, then Microsoft Teams finds itself somewhere in the middle of an ever-growing and highly competitive videoconferencing market.

It is likely why we’ve seen the platform look to add more features to its ranks in recent months, in a bid to get people to use its services outside of standard meetings for business.

To that end we may see Teams getting greater integration with another Microsoft-owned property that Nadella mentioned in the earnings call – LinkedIn – which now has 722 million daily active users.

We’ve already seen LinkedIn be used as a resource for Microsoft’s digital skills initiative this year, so adding Teams support for interviews and training for example, seems like a logical next step.

It should also prove interesting to see what happens to Skype now that Teams’ value is on the rise.


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