Risk of Rain 2 leaves “Early Access” on console

Third person shooter roguelike Risk of Rain 2 has been updated to version 1.0 for its console ports, meaning that those on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have the full version of the game.

Risk of Rain 2 left Early Access on PC back on 11th August this year. While consoles don’t official have Early Access (it’s a Steam thing), players could get into the game early and enjoy it while it was being developed.

“This is the fifth major content update for Risk of Rain 2 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, marking the 1.0 version of the game. With this update we are focusing on the ending sequence of the game and promoting player agency + build diversity,” reads the introduction to the patch notes.

Said patch notes can be found here with, as mentioned, a big focus coming from shoring up the game and adding end-game content.

We covered that new intro cinematic when it was first added on PC. Those on console simply need to update the game to the 1.0 patch and start it up again to watch it in-game. Alternatively give it a watch in that link if you don’t have the time to play right now.

Now that the PC and console ports are all completed, what can we expect next from Risk of Rain 2 and its developer Hopoo Games?

“Our goals moving forward is to have sustainable, creative development on RoR2. We want to expand our team, and we want to see how far we can really take the game. We plan on releasing one more Content Update to all platforms, as a final thank you to all players – and also to ourselves,” Reads an announcement from Hopoo.

The announcement, titled “The Future of Risk of Rain 2“, also adds that the developer is hiring new members onto the team, and plans to release expansions for the game one to two times per year. This would be in addition to continual, and free, patches which address problems and quality of life updates.

Having put a decent chunk of hours into this game it does come recommended from us, especially if you’re a fan of the roguelike genre.


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