Here’s Ultraman fighting giant mechs in Override 2

3D Fighting game Override 2: Super Mech League announced back in September that it would be crossing over with famous Japanese property Ultraman, and now you can finally see that in action.

In the short trailer below developer Modus Brazil reveals its interpretation of Ultraman based on the look of the character from the 2019 of the Netflix anime.

Despite being the size of a skyscraper like the rest of the Override 2 roster Ultraman is extremely fast and nimble. This lines up with Modus Brazil’s statement in our interview that all the fighters in its new game have had their speed dialled up based on feedback from the original 2018 game.

Ultraman is one of four characters that will be included in Override 2 as DLC, with the other three being Bemular, Black King, and Dan Moroboshi. Black King is of particular importance as it’s the first time a kaiju will be playable in the game.

While the first game had players killing off giant aliens in its singleplayer campaign, Modus Brazil general manager Rafael Gatti is excited for players to have a chance controlling a character from the other side of things.

The four Ultraman DLC characters are included in the Ultraman Deluxe Edition of the game which also features additional cosmetic items.

When Override 2: Super Mech League launches on 22nd December it will have a roster of 20 characters including one from Ultraman. Right now this roster has not been fully revealed. The game will also be available on just about all platforms at launch: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Right now pre-ordering this sequel unlocks the original game – Override: Mech City Brawl – for free. It should be noted that this offer doesn’t apply to the Nintendo Switch. Aside from generally advising people to not pre-order and wait for initial reviews, Mech City Brawl is routinely included in sales and slashed way down on many occasions.


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