LEGO’s largest set costs R10000 in South Africa

Recently two rather large LEGO sets were revealed to the world in the form of the Ghostbusters’ 10274: ECTO-1 and 10276: Colosseum with the latter claiming the throne as the new biggest set ever. Today we now know how much these will cost for local buyers in South Africa.

Starting with the larger of the two and the Colosseum will cost R9 999,99. The 9 036 pieces in the world’s largest LEGO set will cost you just a cent shy of R10K.

Aside from the massive piece count this set measures in at 52 X 59 X 27 centimetres once built.

Overseas you would be paying $549.99 / £449.99 / €499.99 to buy this. Looking at the UK / EU price (which includes tax and is usually closer to what we end up paying) these convert to ~R9 203 / ~R9 167 respectively at the time of writing. This means that South Africans will be paying around R800 more for this behemoth. While this is a rather large premium importing something of this size warrants the increase.

The exact launch date of the set in this country has not been revealed yet. Overseas it will be available on 27th November with those who buy it on launch also receiving this free chariot. Right now we don’t know if the chariot will also be given away in SA.

For those wondering the largest LEGO set ever made prior to the Colosseum was the 75192: Millennium Falcon. It contains 7 541 pieces and is 21 X 84 X 56 centimetres once built. In South Africa it is still for sale at R15 999.99.

On the slightly smaller side of things is the ECTO-1, a a 2 352 set recreation of the Ghostbusters’ famous ride.

It will sell for R3 999.99 and it already has a store page live for interested parties to pre-order.

The rest of the world will be paying $199.99 / £179.99 / €199.99. Again the UK and EU prices convert to ~R3 680 / ~R3 665 respectively at the time of writing. Again South Africans will be paying a few hundred Rand more compared to the bigger countries, also because of the large size of the set.

Assembled the ECTO-1 is 22.5 X 47 X 16.5 centimetres. This is much smaller than the Colosseum but still a very large item that will need to be brought in from another country.

In those other countries the ECTO-1 launched yesterday, 15th November. While pre-orders for it are available in South Africa, the store page points out that “Preorders will ship Early December”. Those hoping to get this one in time for Christmas should take note.

As an added bonus the first 50 customers who purchase the ECTO-1 will get a free set: 40370: LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary Set. This was announced a few hours ago and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sold out already. Those seriously thinking of buying the ECTO-1 will see the trains set show up automatically in their cart if there is still stock available.


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