Optimism and agility the order of the day at Dell Technologies Forum 2020

Yesterday, like many other events this year, the Dell Technologies Forum 2020 took place virtually.

The big theme was “Workload Agile”, but having watched the two-hour long virtual event, Dell Technologies touched on quite a bit more, especially as it pertained to the future of the workplace, classroom and collaboration in general.

“More than just a theme for this year’s event, working together and being agile has become a formula for success in 2020 for me and so many others in the Tech Industry,” noted Doug Woolley, managing director for Dell Technologies South Africa.

“How do we mobilise ourselves, our partners and our customers to rapidly respond to change, unforeseen change, and, in the face of it all, unprecedented opportunity? We are seeing the acceleration and arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology is at the coal face of it all. But how do organisations take a hold of their future with both hands?,” he asks.

For Dell Technologies, the solution is centred around collaboration across the board, both within and outside of the organisation.

“The answer is by collaboration with the right partners, colleagues and role models. Looking forward, it is clear that organisations need to transform digitally in order to survive and, more importantly, thrive,” he enthuses.

Looking a bit more closely about collaboration and digital transformation, Woolley shared some insights during the Dell Technologies Forum from the company’s 2020 Digital Transformation Index, which is a global benchmark of where businesses are, and how they are performing currently.

Of the 4 300 surveyed organisations, the MD highlighted that eight in 10 have fast tracked at least some digital transformation programs this year. Added to this, roughly nine in 10, 89 percent, of respondents are proud of how their organisation has adapted their IT and business strategy.

The survey also uncovered that the vast majority of organisations, 89 percent, recognise that as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19 this year, that they need a more agile or scalable IT infrastructure to allow for contingencies.

This is where Dell Technologies is hoping to play a vital role, especially with the recent announcement of Project APEX, which seeks to deliver a fully cloud-based as-a-service solution for customers.

As such it will likely play an integral role in its strategy moving forward.

It will likely be explored in greater depth during next year’s Dell Technologies Forum, but it remains to be seen what kind of experience will be on the cards. Based on how successful this year’s virtual one has been, a blended or mixed event is certainly on the cards.

“Seeing 2020 come to a close is somewhat bitter sweet. I am amazed at what has been achieved by organisations despite terrible economic difficulty and what has been achieved was realised through collaboration and having a flexible technology-first approach. Here’s to 2021 and all the possibilities that it holds,” concludes Woolley.

With 2020 proving more than a little chaotic, here’s hoping more stability arrives next year, thanks to a collaboration-driven strategy embraced by all sectors.


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