Salesforce reportedly in advanced talks to acquire Slack

If you have shares in Slack, you may have noticed an almost 25 percent spike in price this week. What caused this? Reports of an acquisition by Salesforce, which the Wall Street Journal (paywall) says is in the advanced stage.

Interestingly, on the back of the news, Salesforces’s shares fell roughly 3.5 percent, which either means that investors are not pleased with a potential acquisition or concerned about the price such a deal would incur.

To that end sources have told the WSJ that it would cost Salesforce as much as $17 billion to complete the deal, which would also be its largest to date, should it happen.

There is also the possibility that the deal rises even higher, based on how the market reacted to the news, which could see the valuation of Slack rise too.

Either way, it remains to be seen if the reported deal gets over the line.

Precisely why Salesforce would want to acquire Slack is also unclear, especially as both organisations deal with different ends of the customer spectrum, with the former dealing with large corporates and the latter with startups.

Perhaps then a cross-marketing of solutions to their respective client bases will be on the cards. This could be of some benefit to Salesforce in particular, especially as the company is doing everything as-a-service of late.

Bundling the collaborative tools of Slack into its roster of solution might then prove fruitful.

For now though, we’ll need to wait to see what happens, as neither party has officially commented on the matter as of the time of writing.

[Image – Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash]


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