T-Systems’ SD-WAN Lite is perfect for SMEs

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is common among large corporations where the workforce isn’t located in one place.

When lockdowns hit countries around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, firms which had an SD-WAN solution were in a better position than most.

The trouble, however, is that deploying an SD-WAN solution can be pricey, which is why T-Systems has a solution that is perfect for SMEs.

Christened with the rather unimaginative name of SD-WAN Lite (though we suppose it does describe the product well), the solution is 25 percent more affordable than a “full-blown SD-WAN solution” according to Hein Witte (pictured), specialised sales executive for telecommunications services at T-Systems South Africa.

“Like the enterprise SD-WAN solution, the SD-WAN Lite offering is an architecture that is intelligent enough to use multiple connectivity technologies to find the best paths for a connection. For example, if a user has a fibre-based Internet service at home, when they install scaled-down SD-WAN, it would not duplicate, but rather leverage off the current connection, and add an additional technology to it, such as LTE,” Witte explains.

The firm says that the SD-WAN Lite solution can be deployed on top of existing internet-based services.

An SD-WAN Lite solution would be perfect for a retailer or financial services firm where the business is engaging with customers remotely.

“Aside from high quality and reliable connectivity, the SD-WAN Lite solution also delivers several other benefits. It incorporates a higher level of security than a normal network, which meets compliance and other regulatory requirements. The solution has embedded intelligence to build secure connectivity back to the corporate environment, as well as segregate work and personal Internet traffic,” adds Witte.

With remote working and working from home set to become the new normal, perhaps it’s time your business considered becoming more resilient and agile for the future.

You can contact T-Systems South Africa about its SD-WAN Lite solution by visiting this website.


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