There’s now an official prosthetic arm modelled off of Metal Gear Solid

Publisher Konami has announced something rather special: the famous red prosthetic arm seen (and used) throughout Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain can now be purchased as a functional prosthesis.

This is thanks to a partnership with Open Bionics. This company is a massive name in the world of prosthesis as well as 3D printing and it has already worked with the likes of Deus Ex to make themed versions of its popular Hero Arm prosthetic.

The Metal Gear Solid Venom Snake bionic arm is based on the Hero Arm platform and is designed for those missing an arm from below the elbow.

The two companies worked with Daniel Melville, a maker and ambassador for Open Bionics. You can see him showing off the new Hero Arm design in the video below.

As you can see in that video the Metal Gear styling is attached to the arm in a set of covers. These covers need to be bought separately to the Hero Arm base prosthetic.

Unfortunately there’s some bad news here. Right now the Hero Arm is only available in certain countries: USA, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Russia. If you go to the Hero Arm ordering page you are simply asked to register your interest should the item become available in your country.

Thanks to an article on TechSpot we do know that the Hero Arms start at $3 000 (~R47K) which, while objectively expensive, is much cheaper than the alternatives on the market.

The covers used to transform the Hero Arm into the Metal Gear Solid version are a separate purchase at £599 (~R12 423). You can see in the gallery below and on the purchase page here that the covers are 3D printed. What you can’t see is that these covers weigh just 150 grams and are made from nylon 12.

“Whilst the Hero Arm isn’t equipped with weapons, it is an impressive feat of engineering, and these new covers offer a super edgy aesthetic for Hero Arm users,” reads the product description. It seems that if you want a rocket fist you will need to make that modification yourself.


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