The Epic Games Store sale coupons are back

If you thought you could get through the end of 2020 without one more sale you’d be wrong as the Epic Games Store has started the Holiday Sale 2020.

What makes this one different is the return of the coupon. In the past, sales on the store have tried to entice people to spend their money with a $10 coupon just for signing in which could then be used on a purchase of $14.99 or more. Aside from that minimum price aspect the other caveat was that the coupon would expire after a few months.

In the last sale before this one, the Black Friday Sale, the coupon system was nowhere to be seen and we were worried it was gone for good. That’s not the case, thankfully, and the Holiday Sale 2020 has brought them back.

While the coupon still works the same for those overseas, it’s changed a bit for us in South Africa as we now have regional pricing in Rands on the platform. For South Africans the coupon has a value of R160 and can be used on a purchase of R239.99 or more.

Again keep two things in mind: the coupon will expire on 7th January 2021. This is also the day that the Holiday Sale 2020 ends. Usually the coupons would last longer than the sales they were attached to, but it seems this has changed. Secondly, because the Epic Games Store still doesn’t have a basket system, you need to buy a single game worth R239.99 or more to take advantage.

To help you out in that regard here’s our picks for the best deals in the sale that cross that threshold so you can use the coupon. The prices we’ve listed below are after the sale discount but before the application of the coupon.

Aside from what’s on sale Cities: Skylines is currently free to claim. Another mystery game will also become free in around eight hours from the time of writing.


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