Denuvo Anti-Cheat comes to Steamworks

The Denuvo Anti-Cheat software has now been made available through Steamworks, potentially allowing for many more games on Steam to make use of the software.

Like with Doom Eternal’s implantation of this last May, it’s important to be clear what we’re talking about here. Denuvo Anti-Tamper is the software that most people know and usually try to avoid. It’s made to prevent people from making illegal copies of games to access the files and make pirated versions.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat, on the other hand, “protects eSports and online games from cheating”, according to the official description.

Both fall under the Denuvo umbrella which is owned by the company Irdeto. For most people the Denuvo name is poison as Anti-Tamper is usually intrusive and can affect performance. Because of this Anti-Cheat is sometimes lumped in with criticisms of Anti-Tamper, so it’s good to remember we’re discussing the former right now.

“According to Irdeto’s latest research, 77% of global gamers are likely to abandon a game when cheating occurs, creating a tremendous monetization risk for publishers and developers. By offering its services directly through Steamworks, Denuvo can further its mission of bringing fairness and fun back to gaming by providing security solutions to all developers who want to protect their games and gamers from hackers and cheaters,” reads a press release sent to us from Irdeto.

Irdeto goes on to claim that Anti-Cheat can detect cheating software such as aimbots, game modification and wallhacks.

So what does this mean for regular gamers at the end of the day? In theory it should mean that more developers have access to competent anti-cheating methods if their games are already on Steam, and thus the players of those games should have a better time online.

On the topic of performance Irdeto claims that “Denuvo’s technology does not require modification of source code to integrate, has no negative impact on in-game performance, and its unobstructive detect-and-report methodology ensures the workflow of developers and gamers are never impacted.”

This all sounds good enough but we’ll need to wait for developers to make use of Anti-Cheat – through Steamworks – before it can be judged on execution.


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