Twitter HQ prepping for pro-Trump rally today

Last week, the news cycle was dominated by the chaotic events that transpired when a pro-Trump rally marched on the US Capitol and turned violent. While the events were linked to Trump’s continued belief that the recent US Presidential elections were rigged, the fact that Twitter permanently suspended his account added fuel to the fire.

The de-platforming of Trump has seemingly prompted his supporters to turn their attention to Twitter now, with a rally now being planned to take place later today, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle (paywall).

“The San Francisco Police Department is aware of the possibility of a demonstration on the 1300 block of Market Street (Twitter) tomorrow, Monday January 11, 2021. SFPD has been in contact with representatives from Twitter. We will have sufficient resources available to respond to any demonstrations as well as calls for service citywide,” a police department spokesperson wrote in an email to the publication.

“The San Francisco Police Department is committed to facilitating the public’s right to First Amendment expressions of free speech. We ask that everyone exercising their First Amendment rights be considerate, respectful, and mindful of the safety of others,” it adds.

Given what transpired last week, the rally could turn ugly very quickly, with a reported five people losing their lives in the chaos. Should something similar occur at the Twitter headquarters today or later this week, loss of human life could happen once again.

While many hoped the transition of power would be smooth following Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election win, it looks like the change in leadership will carry many casualties.

At the time of writing no rally is currently underway, but it is a situation we are actively monitoring and will report should anything occur.

[Image – Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash]


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