You Should Be Watching: William Maranci

A few months ago we recommended everyone check out Neil Cicierega for his series of mashup albums. Now we’re back again to feature another artist in much the same way – William Maranci.

We’ve been subscribed to Maranci’s channel for years now and we’ve been enjoying his music every time there’s an upload, and you should too. Like all of the content we feature in our you should be watching recommendations it’s freely available on YouTube.

What’s also great here is that mashup music needs no real introduction. It’s usually one song born of mixing two together, and Maranci is one of the best out there when it comes to this.

Some of these tracks are fully intended to be a meme and you can listen to the recent “bohemian WAPsody” (a mashup of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Cardi B’s WAP) as a prime example of this, but a lot of the music here is legitimately good in its own right and fun to listen to as a new experience.

To get you going we’ve compiled the list you see below. These are our favourites so far and we simply pulled them from our liked video playlist on YouTube.

If you enjoyed the above you should really check out the rest of the William Maranci YouTube channel. Aside from making his own mashups he also reviews those made by others, does covers, full albums, EPs and more.

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