How to win your school fees back by buying an ASUS device

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The local arm of ASUS is currently running a rather unique contest where parents and students can win school fees back by buying certain products over the next couple of months.

Between 2nd February and 31st March those who would like to enter need to follow these steps to be entered:

  1. Purchase any new ASUS all in on PC, desktop or laptop
  2. Take a picture of the device and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn with the hashtag #winyourfees
  3. Go to the site and enter your details as well as pictures of: proof of tuition fees, proof of purchase and the device serial number

Before you follow the above, however, it should be noted how the prizes will work. If devices(s) for a single student are bought then a prize of R50 000 for tuition can be won. If two or more devices are bought for two learners, then a prize of up to R130 000 can be won towards tuition.

“The winner of the competition will have their school fees paid back the individual up to a value of R130,000. If the school fees are below R50,000 then a full R50,000 will be paid. Multiple entries will carry over, if the participant has two children and purchases two laptops and enters twice, if this participant is selected as the winner then and all school fees, for all entries will be covered up to R130,000. In the case of a multiple entry winner, the less than R50,000 stipulation above falls away,” reads the official rules for the Win Your Fees contest.

Those official rules / terms and conditions can be read here and we suggest looking them over if you intended on participating.

While this is a bit more convoluted then we’d like we do appreciate this contest happening as many will be looking to get new devices this year as the new school calendar kicks off. On top of this the ongoing pandemic has put strain on everyone’s wallets, something Juan Mouton, Country Marketing Manager for ASUS, backs up.

“The pandemic has caused a radical shift on the way our children are being educated, and many parents are purchasing computers for their children to accommodate the ever-increasing online demands of basic education. We also know that financially the last twelve months have not been easy for most of the parents out there and we wanted to give them an opportunity for a little of light at the end of the tunnel,” The country marketing manager writes in a press release we received.

If you fall into the boat of needing a new device for school check out our guide to buying a notebook for educational purposes. We’ve written it so that you don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever, so give it a read if you’ve found it daunting to shop for these devices in the past.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of