Rainbow Six’s new Operator Flores has a Raspberry Pi Easter Egg

Ubisoft has announced its Year 6 content and a new operator called Flores. While all the announcements will have new and returning players excited, what really caught our eye is Flores’s gadget which seems to be a nod to the Raspberry Pi.

Crimson Heist is the name of the new operation event for the game and we have a gameplay video of it embedded below. It’s here that we see Flores use his gadget, an explosive drone.

Right at the start of the six minute gameplay Flores pulls out a controller for the drone which, like many gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege, is a custom piece of kit. Before taking over the drone you can see what is supposed to look like code and then a green and red logo shaped like a grenade (see the images above and below if you keep missing it in the video).

This image can also been seen right as you go into first person of the drone and just before you detonate it.

This logo is obviously a reference to Raspberry Pi and its logo which also has the exact same colourway. Aside from the similar colours the segmented red section of the stylised raspberry and the grenade are very similar.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and its collection of maker boards would fit right into the idea of custom made drones and the other crazy, usually science fiction gadgets of Siege.

Aside from using some interesting hardware there’s a bit more to learn about Flores.

He will be an attacking operator from Argentina and he’s billed as a master thief. He’s also notable for being the first openly gay operator too with an introduction to Flores provided on the official Ubisoft site. This is written, in universe, by another operator – Gridlock. This operator is Australian, if you’re wondering about the use of the word “mate”.

“In general, I’d say he’s a good mate. A bit awkward, but he listens when others speak, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. Every night he calls home to talk to his husband, but he’s very private about their relationship (with me at least). He cares about people in general, but his marriage is on another level. Even when he takes off his ring, it never leaves his person,” the introduction reads.

While we wait for the release of Flores and his not-Raspberry Pi drone, you can read more about Crimson Heist here.


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