Dropbox Basic will store up to 50 passwords from April

From today onwards LastPass is allowing users of its Free tiered service to only access it via their smartphone or PC, not both. It means that those reliant on a password manager may be looking for another service, which is rather fortuitous given the fact that Dropbox Passwords has added a change to its offering for Basic Dropbox users.

The change now allows Dropbox Basic users to store up to 50 passwords on their profile starting in April.

The Passwords feature was introduced by the company in 2020 for its paying customers, but now some features are porting over to the profiles of those who prefer to be more savvy with their spending.

For those unfamiliar with the solution is it available for desktop via an extension of Chrome and other other browsers, as well as operating systems such as macOS, Windows 10 and Linux, along with mobile via iOS and Android.

How quickly users will use up their allotted 50 passwords remains to be seen, but it looks like Dropbox is hoping to convert those who have come from the LastPass environment onto their own platform, and potentially move to the paid version down the line once the aforementioned limit is used up.

“We’re confident that 50 passwords will suit most users on our Dropbox Basic plan. For those who need more, we have a number of other plan options to suit various needs and individual, family or professional situations,” the company said in a statement.

If the past year has shown us anything, it is that a password manager, limited or not, is essential if you’re working online and remotely. If Dropbox is not your desired platform of choice, we advise finding one regardless in order to safeguard your online ecosystem as cybercrime is only going to intensify in the coming months and years.


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