GPD Win 3 closes crowdfunding with more than $3 million

The latest Windows gaming handheld from Chinese company GPD – the Win 3 – has this weekend closed its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with another success at $3 345 016 (~R51 million) from 3 593 backers.

As a refresher on this device the Win 3 is a fully fledged PC that is meant for mobile gaming thanks to its 5.5, 720P screen and full controller layout. It has a hidden keyboard for typing below a sliding screen with a form fact that fully mimics the Sony Vaio UX.

The heart of the Win 3 is either a i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7 CPU from Intel with the two being options for those thousands of backers to buy.

“We would first like to express our gratitude to all of you for your love and support towards GPD since our humble beginnings. There is simply no word that can describe how much we appreciate all of you. With this said we are not taking any of your love and support for granted and will continue to focus on it and do our best to innovate and bring you more quality products as we look ahead into the future,” GPD wrote in an update.

The support that the company mentions isn’t just for the Win 3 but all its handhelds from the past. GPD has used Indiegogo crowdfunding for just about everything it has produced so far. At this point many speculate that the company is simply using the platform to gauge interest for new devices at this point considering past success.

Below is a list of other devices that have been crowdfunded by the company already. You can see that it’s a rather impressive line up with all of these being successfully funded and shipped.

  • MicroPC: $733 749 from 3 762 backers
  • P2 Max: $1 108 576 from 1 629 backers
  • Pocket 2: $2 076 765 from 3 530 backers
  • Pocket: $3 567 642 from 8 536 backers
  • Win 2: $2 809 865 from 4 363 backers
  • Win Max: $2 941 192 from 3 735 backers
  • Win: $719 623 from 2 289 backers

Those who have backed the project now wait for their devices to be made and delivered. For everyone who missed the window to contribute but still want to buy, the Win 3 will also be available as a retail product through various stores later this year.

“We are in the midst of finalising our pre-production arrangements and we are currently on-track in fulfilling our promise for May delivery, with our team working doubly hard in ensuring that we can put the device in your hands on time, lust like how your constant love, faith and support never tails to put a smile on our faces,” GPD adds.

If you’d like to see the GPD Win 3 in action many pre-production review samples have been sent out into the world. Below you can see one of them used by a favourite YouTube channel of ours, LowSpecGamer.


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