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How much gaming mouse can you get for R399?

In any market segment there will always be room for the base model – a vanilla experience with little or no extras. These products always have a following as certain amount of customers will always be on the lookout for a simpler item or for something cheaper.

In the world of the gaming mouse this is even more evident as we keep hearing people say that most options on the market are packed with features and buttons that make the experience a fiddly affair or are left unused while still costing the customer money.

Enter then the Logitech G102, a simple six button mouse that has a RRP of R549 in South Africa but can be found for as low as R399 at the time of writing. There are no optional weights, removable wings, alien designs or insane feature, it’s just a mouse.

Out of the box – we have a white version in to look at by the way – and it’s clear that this mouse is very well put together. The plastic shell of the main unit feels high quality and all the buttons have an assuring click to them. There’s a simple plastic USB cable to connect it to a PC but this is to be expected at this price range as removable cords and braided cables would be too much to ask.

Under hand the G102 has a rather odd shape to it with a higher than expected rear section which leaves your hand higher in the air and further away from the mouse than you may expect when reading the dimensions: 116.6 X 62.15 X 38.2 millimetres (height X width X depth). This design is easy to get used to, however, and moderately comfortable even for long uses.

Out of the box you can get going straight away with a DPI toggle button under the scroll wheel and a default lighting pattern. Yes despite being a budget option the G102 sometimes has the subtitle “Lightsync” due to the fact that it has an RNG lighting strip around the back half of the shell together with the Logitech “G” logo lighting up.

We’ll get to modifying this through software later but for now you should know that it’s perfectly usable without that.

A black version is also available.

As for how it works well there’s no surprises for better or for worse. This really is a prime “get what you see on the tin” product. In our couple of weeks of testing the mouse behaved exactly as you’d expect performing just as you’d want in office work as well as gaming.

The sensor can go up to 8 000 DPI which is just fine for almost all casual play and we still don’t believe that you need much more unless you’re involved in esports.

How much gaming mouse can you get for R399? Well the perfect amount as it were as the G102 works as you’d expect. You get used to the ergonomics and layout after a few days and you keep on going.

The only thing lacking here is that there’s not much else to say. If you don’t want to break the bank and you want a dead simple six button mouse with a brand name and decent build quality the G102 should work for you.

Now onto that software we mentioned. The Logitech G Hub is a software interface for this mouse and most Logitech peripherals. It works fine allowing us to pick the RGB lighting of our choice, reassign buttons / macros and adjust the DPI. Right now G Hub supports four different DPI settings for the G102 which you can cycle between in the software or with the button.

Our only real qualm with G Hub is that, when it automatically updates itself, it will eat up your entire internet connection and bring things to a crawl. It also becomes dead weight once you’ve been using your mouse for a while and you’ve settled into its settings. Once that’s happened save your profile onto the internal memory of the mouse and delete G Hub.

The G Hub software.

Logitech G102

8 Score

Does what it says on the tin. This is a very simple mouse but that may be what you are looking for. At this price it is a really good basic gaming peripheral.

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