Newly unveiled Oppo Find X3 Pro not headed to South Africa this year

Yesterday Oppo unveiled a new flagship phone in the form of the Find X3 Pro. Had this event happened last year at the same time, we likely would not have followed it with much interest but, seeing as Oppo smartphones are now officially available in South Africa, our interest is certainly piqued.

Unfortunately, however, the Find X3 Pro will not be headed to South Africa this year, which is disappointing as Oppo has not held back when it comes to the specifications of the device.

“The Find X3 Pro will not be available in South Africa this year. OPPO South Africa is focusing on building its current product portfolio and brand locally. We remain committed to South Africa and are looking forward to other key products slated to launch locally, later this year,” an Oppo South Africa spokesperson has told Hypertext.

On paper it looks impressive, and with Oppo recently surpassing Huawei in China in terms of mobile market share, the Find X3 Pro could prove to be a real winner in the region.

So what is is packing?

Well one of the big talking points from yesterday’s event was the camera setup. As you can see from the header image, the housing is integrated into the body in a really interesting design choice. As for the lenses on the primary setup, four are present – a 50MP wide-angle, 50MP ultra-wide angle, 13MP telephoto and 3MP microlens.

The microlens looks to be a bit of a gimmick with its 60 times magnification, but the pair of 50MP lenses should prove more than capable and ones we’re eager to try out.

Looking at the rest of the flagship phone, highlights include an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chipset, with an ample 12GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage (no external storage supported). Added to this is a 6.7″ display (3216×1440) that supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, as well as a total of 4 500mAh battery capacity, split between two connected units.

There’s also a charger, USB Type-C cable and earphones included in the box, bucking a recent trend among smartphone makers.

Given some of the exciting technology that Oppo has packed into the Find X3 Pro, it is a pity that the device is not headed to South Africa this year. Hopefully the company walks back the decision as we can certainly see a market for it in SA.


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