Risk of Rain 2 gets huge, free ‘Anniversary Update’

Risk of Rain 2, the popular third person shooter roguelike, is celebrating a milestone in March 2021 as it was the same month back in 2019 that the game was released to the public in Early Access.

To celebrate, developer Hopoo Games has released the free Anniversary Update that is rather transformative.

“Our goal with this update is to upgrade and round out the game as a whole, and also be a ‘thanks!’ to all our fans that supported us through Early Access. This patch includes both new content and updated old content. Let us know if you like it!” Hopoo Games writes.

The full patch notes for the Anniversary Update can be found here, but it’s a rather long read, so we’ll cover some of the more important parts.

Players can now access a new character – the Bandit. This is new for Risk of Rain 2 but it is actually a returning character from the first game. Th Bandit also has a new skin you can equip to change up its looks.

Other new content includes;

  • Five items
  • Five skill variants
  • One monster
  • One elite
  • One interactable
  • Nine challenges
  • 93 lore entries

Outside of that slew of new stuff there’s also changes to what is already in the game. arguably the biggest changes affect the start of the game and very end. For the former the character Huntress is now unlocked by default, and for the latter the final stage has been reworked.

“The final stage has been redone entirely, with unique objectives and a new, large arena to play in. We won’t spoil it. Please let us know how you feel!” Hopoo continues.

We really like these changes as having just one character to use when you start the game – the Commando – did feel very limiting and we’re sure some players gave up on the game before they could unlock more. The final stage is also very welcome as it was rather bland and an absolute slog to get through.

As mentioned the full patch notes are available for those who would like to comb through.

Risk of Rain 2 is available now on Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On Steam the game is currently discounted by 25 percent and it has an Overwhelming Positive standing with 96 percent of its 97 055 reviews being positive.


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