DC & Epic kick off the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point event

DC Comics and Epic Games have a solid partnership at this point with various characters from the former appearing in the latter’s biggest game – Fortnite. This continues with the launch of the latest crossover event Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point which sets itself apart by also being a limited run, six-issue comic.

This crossover was announced last week, but has now gone live in the last few hours. The premise is rather simple: the Zero Point dimension hopping McGuffin used throughout Fortnite sucks Batman into the battle royale and sticks the world’s greatest detective in a time loop.

What we didn’t have last week when the announcement was made is a trailer. Trailers for comics are more common than you may imagine which is weird considering you’re taking a static medium and making it into a video.

That aside a really interesting part of the trailer is Batman writing on himself to remember things in the time loop. This is a very common trope in time travel and non-linear stories.

As mentioned right at the end of the trailer these comics come with codes to unlock items in the game with the first issue granting access to Rebirth Harley Quinn. The other five unlocks for the remaining issues will be announced later with a new “Armored Batman Zero” outfit given out for those who redeem all six codes.

Unfortunately this offer is US only and does not apply for those reading the comic through the free trial of the DC Universe Infinite platform, though paid subscription users will get access.This is a real slap in the face to those of us outside of America, something that Epic Games has addressed by saying that you will still be able to spend money. Thanks Epic, we think.

“Can’t get your hands on a print copy or live outside of the United States? We’ve got you covered. All items will also be available in the Item Shop day-and-date with each comic book’s release, with the exception of Issue #1’s Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit. That Outfit will be available first exclusively as a part of the comic book but will release in the Item Shop later in June 2021,” the announcement reads.

We really like this crossover event as it could lead to more people reading comics. The massive – and usually young – fan base of Fortnite is continually exposed to new franchises by way of these crossovers but they are usually just represented by skins and DLC in the game. By bringing actual comics into the mix there’s incentive to read to.


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