#NoCropArt trends on Twitter after image cropping removal

Yesterday Twitter finally implemented a change users – especially artists – have been asking for in the form of the removal of image cropping. Because of this the hashtag #NoCropArt has been rather popular as said artists share their work for the first time, or repost it now without the restrictions.

As a quick recap Twitter will no longer crop the preview of images in the 2:1 and 3:4 aspect ratios. As we pointed out yesterday it isn’t that straightforward as the app seems to not crop long vertical images, but the cropping still exists for long horizontal images.

On desktop (and outside the app) it’s the other way around with horizontal images working as intended, but vertical ones are instead still receiving the cropping.

Despite this artists were undeterred and the #NoCropArt hashtag has been a great place to look at a bunch of fantastic works and maybe find some new people to follow for their work.

Embeded below is a collection of some pieces we really liked using the hashtag. Unfortunately, because of the app / desktop disparity you may still find these to be cropped when viewing them as an embed on this site. Make sure to click through to Twitter for more.

Remember that you can, as always, see the full art by simply clicking on to be taken to a pop out image preview. We know it defeats the purpose but it’s worth remembering.

We hope that, with fewer restrictions, all our timelines will be filled with better framed images. While the focus here is on drawn and rendered art, the change also opens up doors for photography and sundry imagery creation like the sharing of 3D model renders.

For more on this we’ve also seen #VerticalArtParty receive attention for the same reason.

The long cat header image has to real relation to #NoCropArt, we just needed an image and we didn’t want to use an artist’s work without permission.


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