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Trump launches microblog ahead of his rumoured social network

Over the last few months there has been talk of former US President Donald Trump starting his own social network. Today we don’t have that social network, instead, Trump has launched what is basically his own Twitter feed.

Over on Trump’s website a new section has popped up called From the Desk of Donald J Trump which contains tweet-like posts going as far back as March. A video at the top of the feed claims that in a time of silence and lies “a beacon of freedom arises”. That beacon is this blog page.

Okay then.

That same video claims the blog is “a place to speak freely and safely” but there is no way for anybody other than Trump to post to the website. You are able to like a post and share Trump’s posts to Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter sharing doesn’t work but if you want to share one of these posts to Facebook you can.

We had a chuckle at this given that Trump is banned from both Facebook and Twitter for his posts earlier this year.

Trump’s senior advisor, Jason Miller, told Fox News that more information about Trump’s social network would be shared in the “very near future”.

“President Trump’s website is a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office, but this is not a new social media platform,” said Miller.

We suspect this blog is a precursor to that social network as how would Trump publicise his new endeavour now that he isn’t on other platforms?

What this blog does make clear is that Trump missed Twitter. Bear in mind that this blog only officially launched this week and there are posts dating back to 24th March which means Trump has been writing these posts for sometime now.

This has us wondering whether Trump has been drafting tweets in anticipation of returning to Twitter since his ban. Of course Twitter has said the ban is permanent but Facebook is meeting today to decide the permanent fate of the former president.

Posts on Trumps blog contain rants about election fraud, social media, election fraud and of course, election fraud.

Given how social media alternatives such as Gab and Parler have struggled to gain momentum of late, we’re dreadfully curious to see what Trump can create. If this blog is an example though, we’re no longer as curious.


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