Captain America the latest MCU outfit to come to the Avengers game

Long before Marvel’s Avengers was ever released people already had a bias towards it because it didn’t feature the MCU versions of the popular characters. That’s been slowly changing as outfits from Avengers: Endgame are added to the game with the latest being Captain America.

This is a bit of an odd choice given the fact that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier show just wrapped up and a main plot point of that is who will take up the Captain America mantle. This new outfit for Marvel’s Avengers is instead based on good old Chris Evans’ version of the character.

Captain America brings the number of Endgame MCU outfits in Marvel’s Avengers up to five. The other four, with links to their turnaround videos, are:

Black Widow
Iron Man

For those who want to see what this new skin looks like in-game the official account for it has retweeted several screenshots here, here and here. Since this outfit, along with the other MCU skins and desirable ones in the game, needs to be bought, it’s nice that we can quickly look at it this way instead of jumping into the game and spending money.

In our review of Marvel’s Avengers at launch we commented extensively on the terrible in-game economy in this full price game. Those not wanting to break out the credit card would need to grind for an ungodly amount of time to unlock some of the best outfits so, while we appreciate the MCU popping up in the game, we’re very aware that it’s just a way to bring in more money.

There’s also the video below to see the costume in action. What’s clear here is that, while this is the Chris Evans costume, it’s not Chris Evans underneath. While we obviously knew that it is a bit jarring seeing the MCU look with the generic character model created by Crystal Dynamics.


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