Netflix finally brings its mobile subscription plan to Africa

All the way back in 2019 when wearing masks was an oddity and a drained bottle of sanitiser wasn’t present in every store, Netflix launched a mobile only subscription option in India.

The subscription was more affordable than Netflix’s other packages and now, that cost saving can be enjoyed by citizens of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa as well.

This morning, while tending to our Netflix subscription, we spotted the Mobile streaming option for R49, though the pricing will differ depending where you are located.

Country Currency Mobile Price
Nigeria NGN 1 200
Kenya KES 300
South Africa ZAR 49
Other Sub-Saharan countries USD 3.99

So what does that price get you?

For starters as this is a mobile only plan, you will only be able to stream Netflix on a smartphone or tablet and you are only able to stream on one device at a time.

While you can create up to five different profiles, only one can be used at a time.

The stream quality is limited to a maximum of 520p which isn’t great but thankfully you have access to the entire Netflix library and features.

“After several months of testing, we’re excited to launch a new mobile plan in South Africa at R49 per month. This plan will make it even easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. At home or on the go, now more people can watch all the shows and movies Netflix has to offer, wherever and whenever they want,” a Netflix spokesperson told Hypertext.

While the mobile plan is affordable it isn’t as affordable as Showmax which has its mobile plan priced at R39 in South Africa. You can find pricing for Showmax Mobile across Africa here.

Which ever streaming platform you prefer, at least there is an affordable option for you.


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