Uber Eats adds Countdown Timer to South African app

As South Africa marches through a third wave of COVID-19 and an adjusted level 4 lockdown, many people are looking to order in food again. To keep everyone safe in these transactions Uber Eats has added a Countdown Timer to the app.

“Ever felt frustrated when you received a notification that your Uber Eats order is completed in the app but you can’t find the driver, with your food?” an announcement reads.

The Uber Eats Countdown Timer has three steps:

“Step 1: If a delivery partner is unable to get in contact with you when they arrive at the requested address, they will first try to call you via phone, intercom, or bell at the door or gate.

Step 2: If the delivery partner is still unable to reach you, they will proceed to use a Countdown Timer, which will prompt them to leave the order at a safe location for you to pick up.

Step 3: The delivery partner will then take a picture of where they left the food, which will be sent directly to your registered Uber Eats number.”

Said announcement lists three areas as safe locations for where orders can be left – a customer door, a reception desk and with security.

We’ve never heard of a “customer door” before but the other two options make sense, as does the entire idea of a Countdown Timer. In South Africa it’s simply unsafe to stand around in the road waiting for someone to answer.

This has always been the case but couriers have increasingly become the targets of violent crime as the country remains in various states of lockdown.

Carte Blanche has a feature on this problem embedded below and, while it focuses on the delivery of goods instead of food, the sentiment still applies.

Uber Eats South Africa has various other guidelines and procedures to keep delivery drivers and customers safe, all of which are outlined here.

[Image – Sadia on Pixabay]


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