Bungie overhauls progression systems for Destiny 2

“Two tokens and a blue” became a meme within the Destiny 2 community for good reason and at long last Bungie is scrapping some of the more annoying tokens from the game.

Bungie has been testing the death of tokens for two seasons now with tokens being retired from both Gambit and Crucible playlists. Rather than having to turn in tokens to earn armour, weapons and upgrade materials, players simply, play games in either of those modes and progress.

But now Bungie has detailed an overhaul of how players progress through Destiny 2’s ritual activities – namely Vanguard Strikes, Gambit and Crucible.

First off, in Season 15 players will have reputation systems in each of the core ritual playlists. To earn new ranks players simply play the game. There will no longer be ritual-specific rules to adhere to and players will earn streaks for remaining in a particular playlist.

This means the death of win streak bonuses.

“We looked at how long it would take for players who win nearly every game to reset their reputation versus players who lose nearly every game and tuned it so that the total time taken to reset is only around 2x, rather than the 3-4x right now. Overall, we expect two-thirds of your reputation come from simply playing activities. If you win matches in Crucible or Gambit, you’ll still reset a bit faster,” explains Rituals lead at Bungie, Alan Blaine.

To be clear, players can exit a queue in say Gambit and head to the Tower to clear out the Postmaster or reset Infamy ranks, but you should go back to that playlist in order to maintain the streak.

The one exception to this system is the Competitive PvP playlist. Players will continue to earn Glory in this playlist as well as win-streak bonuses.

“Whether we wanted it or not”

All of this means that Zavala is getting an overhaul in Season 15. As such, you should turn in your Vanguard Tokens ahead of 24th August.

To earn reputation from Zavala players will need to complete Strikes, Nightfalls and Battlegrounds (which will disappear when The Witch Queen launches).

“Zavala will also have a full reputation reward line, similar to the ones we added for Shaxx and Drifter in Season 13. Powerful rewards will be granted every third rank, and an Ascendant Shard will be rewarded when resetting the first time,” explains Bungie.

With all three of the ritual vendors now operating on the same page, Bungie will be adding the seasonal ritual weapon and ornaments to the reputation reward lines.

The Vanguard playlist will also have reputation bonus events during the season which is great to hear.

All of these changes are coming in Season 15 of Destiny which we still know nothing about. In the meantime, turn in your Vanguard tokens, it’s a great way to restock your upgrade materials after a season of upgrades.


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