Clips, sub-only chat and polls are now available for YouTube streamers

YouTube has released three features into the wild and most streamers will be able to make use of them aside from one.

The feature some creators won’t be able to use is YouTube’s Clips. Clips lets a viewer create a 5 – 60 second long clip from a livestream or a video upload. This feature is only available to creators with 1 000 or more subscribers.

It’s worth checking whether the feature is available for your channel as it needs to be manually enabled.

“If you have Clips enabled on your channel, your viewers can select the clip icon on your video and choose a portion of the content to clip. The clip will loop repeatedly, playing on the original video’s watch page and all metrics from viewer clips will be attributed to your original video,” the YouTube Team explained.

YouTube says it will expand Clips to all creators in the future.

The next feature coming to YouTube livestreams is subscriber-only chat.

Creators can manually enable this feature and there are some nice options here. For instance, a creator can restrict their chat to only subscribers who have been subscribed for a certain period of time be it 24 hours or two years. You can read more about turning this feature on here.

The third and final feature that is now live on YouTube is live polls and these are available for all streamers.

All three of these features are designed to assist streamers by making it easier to interact with their audiences.

[Source – YouTube]


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