Does 1 million sales make Gorn Africa’s biggest VR title?

Over the weekend it was announced that Gorn – the ultra violent gladiator game by South African studio Free Lives – had surpassed one million sales making it arguably the most successful virtual reality (VR) game to come out of Africa.

“Happy to announce that GORN has now officially sold over 1 MILLION copies across all platforms! Thanks everyone for the support! We are considering a small content update, but no promises just yet :)” reads the aforementioned announcement.

Gorn is available on three stores: the Oculus Rift Store, Steam and the PlayStation Store. It seems to have been well-received on all of them with relatively high ratings.

On Steam, for example, the game has 6 428 reviews at the time of writing with 94 percent of them being positive. This leaves it with a “Very Positive” overall rating on Valve’s storefront.

On the Oculus Rift Store there’s less player feedback with 911 ratings leaving the game with a 4.5 star rating out of five.

Looking at another metric one person on Twitter asked what the million sales means for profit, to which the Gorn account replied with simply “ITS GOOD“. With regional pricing the exact amount that the game has brought in can’t be easily calculated but we’re sure Free Lives is happy with its performance.

The videogame development scene in South Africa is relatively small with the VR space inside of it smaller still. We have to imagine that, with one million sales, Gorn is possibly the best selling VR game from this country and maybe from the entire continent.

Devolver Digital publishes Gorn along with several other Free Lives games such as the continuously popular Broforce and newer titles like the upcoming Terra Nil. We’d love to see the publisher provide some insight into comparative sales for Gorn to see if it really is the best selling title on the continent.

Devolver, if you’re reading this, you can have that press release idea for free.


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