Endgame Thor, All-Access Weekend comes to Marvel’s Avengers

Despite its rocky launch and subsequent reputation, Marvel’s Avengers continues to receive new content and events with the latest two involving Endgame and a weekend designed to bring in new players and reward existing ones. 

Like Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America, Thor now has a skin in the game that is based on the costume seen in Avengers: Endgame. 

While Endgame is no longer the most recent MCU movie with the release of Black Widow, it makes sense that skins from the most recent Avengers movie are present in the most recent Avengers game. 

The Thor skin, like the others, looks great but still has the weird quality where that isn’t the real actor’s head popping out of the top. Marvel’s Avengers has always been criticised by the fact that it exists outside of the MCU and doesn’t have the likenesses of the cast from the movies. 

Outside of Thor the game is also running an event known as the “All-Access Weekend”. Between now and 1st August anyone can play the entirety of the game completely for free. 

Marvel’s Avengers is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia. Those who want to play the game need to simply go to the respective stores and should find the ability to download and play for free until Monday. 

Both these new players and existing owners also get a slew of bonuses for playing over the next few days while the All-Access Weekend is happening: 

“4x XP – Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend, players can earn 4x the amount of earned XP, which does stack with Hero’s Catalysts!

RESOURCE GRANT – Any player (new or existing, so everyone wins) who logs in during the All-Access Weekend will instantly receive loads of resources through a community grant!

Here are the contents: 5,000 Fragments, 1,000 Plasma, 1,000 Nanites, 1,000 Nanotubes, 1,000 Catalyst, 1,000 Units, 600 Upgrade Modules, 500 Uru, and 250 Polychoron.

50% MARKETPLACE SALE – The Marketplace will have its biggest sale ever during this event with 50% off the majority of the wares.”

To mark the occasion, and also hype everyone up, there’s also a new trailer released for the game called “Content Assembled”. It seems to be a showcase of all the stuff that players can do. 

It is, however, a bit misleading as the details about the content include the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion which is only coming out on 16th August. There’s some tiny text in the bottom of the trailer that states this but it’s easy to miss. 

We can expect some new players jumping in the game this weekend only to be confused when Black Panther is absent. 

This is driven home further by the fact that Black Panther has been added to most of the generic marketing material for the game. The announcement post for the All-Access Weekend even features the character in the header image.


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