Euphoria Telecom now offers Microsoft Teams integration on its platform

Here is a rather useful piece of information for business owners who are already deeply entrenched in Microsoft Teams and make use of PABX solutions.

Local VoIP and cloud-hosted business telephony provider Euphoria Telecom has announced that it has added Microsoft Teams integration to its platform.

This means that Euphoria platform users can now make telephone calls directly through Microsoft Teams without having to open up a separate application.

“Providing our customers with Microsoft Teams integration enables them to realise the productivity, cost-savings and reporting benefits a full-service PABX solution offers, without having to use two separate systems,” explains chief technology officer at Euphoria Telecom, Nic Laschinger (pictured).

We should point out that Microsoft does offer its phone system which enables PBX capabilities locally, but the solution is recommended for larger enterprises of 300 or more users and is rather pricey with an annual commitment.

By comparison, Euphoria Telecom’s Business Phone solution starts at R65 per extension per month and it can scale up depending on your business needs. The platform also offers features such as call queues, reporting and analytics. It’s also rather good if you need to make use of remote communication thanks to the integration with Microsoft Teams.

With many of employees working from home and hoping to continue doing so  – even if the odds say they will more than likely be working from an office again soon – making remote communication easier is definitely something worth enabling.

“Recognising this, Euphoria is in the process of integrating a number of third-party software offerings into its platform, starting with Freshworks’ digital ticketing solution Freshdesk earlier this year, Microsoft Teams now and several others in process,” says Euphoria Telecom’s chief executive officer John Woollam.

Microsoft Teams integration on Euphoria Telecom’s platform is available now.


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