Gardevoir is the first post-launch addition to Pokémon Unite

Launched a week ago for the Nintendo Switch, the MOBA Pokémon Unite will today get its first post-launch playable character in the form of Gardevoir.

The Psychic / Fairy Pokémon has been a fan favourite for years ever since it was introduced almost a decade ago in the third generation.

You can see Gardevoir’s stats in the header image above and there’s some gameplay released by the official Pokémon Unite Twitter account below.

“Gardevoir arrives to Aeos Island tonight at midnight PDT! Along with the release of Gardevoir, we’ll be addressing a few bugs including an issue with the Muscle Band not acting as intended when equipped by Charizard,” an announcement reads.

With Gardevoir coming to the game we have to wonder if Gallade is soon to follow. Gallade is an alternate evolution and a counterpart to Gardevoir and the two are usually bundled together when it comes to releases.

We also wonder if Mega Evolutions for either will be made available. No Mega Evolutions are available in Unite at all right now, but we could see it happening in the future either as a gameplay mechanic or just cosmetic skins.

Pokémon Unite is available right now on the Nintendo Switch. As a free game anyone who downloads and plays it before 31st August gets access to Zeraora for free as a login bonus. A mobile port of the game is planned for some time in the future.

The reception to the game itself has been mostly positive with the community of both Pokémon and MOBA fans finding things to enjoy. Unfortunately this free game is marred by endless microtransactions and a business model that allows players to gain advantages and outright statistical gains by spending money.

Some also feel that certain characters – such as Gengar, Zapdos and the aforementioned Zeraora – are not properly balanced.

Those who feel this way are highly encouraged to fill out an official survey for the game (see below) which covers Pokémon balance, monetisation and more.


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