Gears of War remastered music coming to records & streaming

For its 15th anniversary the original Gears of War trilogy will have its music remastered, which you can listen to online or buy as a physical record.

Handling this is Laced Records, which has done similar work for countless other games. Recent records include those for Doom, Resident Evil 2, Yakuza 0, Street Fighter Alpha and more.

“First up, there’s the Gears of War 1-3: Original Soundtrack Collection Special Limited Edition vinyl box set available to pre-order from 89 tracks by composers Kevin Riepl (Gears of War) and Steve Jablonsky (Gears of War 2 & 3) including never before released music have been specially remastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto six audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g, ‘Crimson Splatter’ colorway LPs. Each game soundtrack will be housed in a wide-spined sleeve with two printed inner sleeves. In turn, these will be contained in a collector’s rigid board box,” reads the announcement.

You can see the collection below which costs £125 with pre-orders open here. Shipping is estimated for March 2022.

For those who like to own records but still listen to digital copies there’s a USB drive included with the 5.1 Surround Sound mix from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Laced Records ships worldwide with the sole exception, according to its FAQ, being Brazil. We used the shipping calculator at checkout to see how much it would cost to send the vinyl collection to Gauteng, and it costs £42.31 for a tracked delivery from DHL Express.

With shipping the price of the collection shoots up to £167.31 (~R3 351) which excludes any customs or taxes you’ll be paying when it arrives in the country. Already a premium product local fans will be paying much more to get this.

For those who don’t want the whole collection, double pack records for each individual game will go on sale in the future.

Thankfully streaming is free and available from this page on multiple platforms. Strangely the soundtracks are listed as “original” but they were uploaded in 2021, so we have to assume that these are the remasters and they will simply replace the OG versions going forward.


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