Ghostbusters: Afterlife pops up again after more than a year

Ghostbusters: Afterlife may just set some kind of unofficial record for the longest time between two trailers. The first one, which introduced us to this movie, came out way back on 9th December 2019. Now, around 20 months later, we finally have a follow-up.

Strangely the second trailer, embedded at the bottom of this post, has been uploaded to the official Ghostbusters YouTube channel. It’s strange as the Sony Pictures Entertainment channel is much larger and it also hosted the first trailer for this movie.

That first trailer has more than 19 million views on the Sony channel, and only around 500 000 on the Ghostbusters one. We’re sure someone in marketing made this decision for a reason, but what it is escapes us.

That oddity aside what do we see in this latest glimpse at this illusive movie? Like the first trailer things are still rather dour for a series that is partially built on comedy.

With those dark tones we get some familiar faces with tiny versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a regular size appearance from the terror dog.

The premise of the movie, of course, hasn’t changed between these trailers with the grandchildren of Dr. Egon Spengler rediscovering the Ghostbusters equipment and using it to fight off some new threat.

Several original cast members from the original movies return and we think that’s Bill Murray answering the phone at the very end of the trailer.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is planned for a theatrical release on Thanksgiving 2021. For those of us outside of the USA that’s 25th November. The pandemic, which has affected the release of this movie, is still around and there’s no telling what the situation of it will be in a few months, so if you’re planning to see this one maybe just pencil it in.

Now we wait again to see more of this movie, and hopefully it’s not another year.


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