GirlCode asking for notebook donations during Mandela Month

Nelson Mandela Day came and went this past weekend, but the entire month of July has been earmarked locally for South Africans to focus on community service and supporting worthwhile causes. For those interested in getting more youth involved with STEM, GirlCode is currently calling on organisations in SA to donate notebooks that can be used to help young women learn how to code.

GirlCode says it will identify 67 young female learners from within the organisation who are in need of notebooks to resume their coding learning and practices.

“Most companies/organizations replace their laptops annually and we would like to appeal to these organizations as well as individuals who have spare laptops at their disposal to please donate the laptops to us, for the purpose of reusing them and sharing coding skills with the youth,” notes Zandile Mkwanazi, CEO of GirlCode, on the current drive.

“One of our key visions is to see GirlCode impacting over 10 million young people across Africa over the next 10 years and one day becoming an institution of choice for females who are interested in STEM and digital technology,” adds Mkwanazi, regarding its focus of late.

Like so many companies over the past 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely hampered the efficacy with which GirlCode operates, but despite the challenges, it looks like Mkwanazi and her team are still pushing to reach their goals for the year in terms of teaching young women to code and assist them in finding avenues for employment down the line.

“Covid 19 restrictions have had an adverse impact on most of us in one way or the other, and for GirlCode it resulted to setbacks with facilitating our activities as they require physical gatherings. This also has shown us that by not going into communities to conduct our programs it becomes more difficult to get young people to participate, and this is purely based on our learners not having their own tools and resources to practice our programs,” she concludes.

To find out more about GirlCode, as well as how to donate a notebook, head to its website here.

[Image – Photo by Windows on Unsplash]


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