FNB Connect now offers 24 month contracts through App

Here’s something we hadn’t realised wasn’t a feature on FNB’s App until today –  a 24-month contract for FNB Connect purchases.

While the option to select a 24-month contract for the purchase on a smartphone, TV, notebook or console has been present on FNB’s website for the longest time, we hadn’t realised that the option wasn’t present on the app until FNB informed us that app users can now purchase goods on a 24-month contract.

“We consider ourselves as an online retailer and want to be able to offer our customers convenience and value for money, safely on platform. The growing appeal of our offering is indicative of the value that users see in our service. This innovation also comes at a crucial time when many of our customers and their families rely on digital solutions to work from home and also access educational tools for their children,” explains chief executive officer at FNB Connect, Brad Roper.

This offer also accompanies a few new additions to the FNB App including a rotating “Deal of the Week” and “Hot Deals” offer within the app.

To find these details simply log into your FNB app, select Apply Now and then click or tap For Me. Scroll right or left until you find FNB Connect.

Of course FNB Connect also offers connectivity that you can also take up in the form of 24-month contracts.

“We pride ourselves on putting customers at the centre of our integrated financial solutions and the innovations we are implementing demonstrate our commitment to value-based banking, especially during these tough economic times. Overall, these changes will go a long way to building main-bank relationships with our customers,” Roper adds.

The FNB App is available for free on Android and Apple iOS.


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