Nintendo Switch’s latest streaming service is Pokémon TV

Despite launching way back in March 2017 the Nintendo Switch still lacks basic functionality, such as a web browser and access to many streaming services. It is, then, a bit of a disappointment when a service does arrive but it’s Pokémon TV.

“Fans have the opportunity to watch select episodes and seasons of Pokémon the Series, journeying with Ash and his friends from Kanto to Galar and everywhere in between! Trainers can also brush up on their Pokémon TCG strategy by watching select matches and training tips. The library of videos on Pokémon TV is frequently updated so there’s always more to watch!,” reads the official announcement.

The aforementioned trading card game (TCG) content is completely new and centred around the competitive aspect of the game. This has been driven by a kind of renaissance in the TCG not seen since the original release of the game more than two decades ago.

Pokémon TV has been around for years with apps on smart TVs, Android and iOS, as well as a simple in-browser experience.

Because the service has been around for so long the users of it expressed some of their problems with the service in the comments of the reveal trailer embedded at the bottom of this story.

It seems that the limited nature of the Pokémon anime on the platform is the main concern with patches of it missing on the platform. That being said there is variety here as, like we see in the trainer, those who want to go back to the original season can do so.

While the first season can be enjoyed by anyone it’s obviously nostalgic for adults, but the Nintendo Switch launch also comes with new functionality for the younger watchers.

“Additionally, Pokémon TV is launching a Junior category, offering videos for younger Pokémon fans and Trainers,” the announcement continues.

Pokémon TV is available on the Nintendo eShop right now as a free download. According to the store page the download is only 108.00MB.


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