OnlyFans walks back adult content ban for October

“Measure twice cut once” is something you might hear a carpenter say but the advice could be applied to just about any aspect of life, such as telling millions of sex workers they aren’t welcome on your platform anymore only to change that tune a week later.

Of course we’re talking about OnlyFans.

Last week the platform announced that, as of 1st October, it would no longer allow adult content on the website. Seeing as how OnlyFans has become known as a destination for independently created adult content, this decision was met with anger from the OnlyFans community.

Yesterday afternoon however, OnlyFans announced that the adult content ban was no more.

“We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change,” the OnlyFans team tweeted.

“OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators,” the firm added.

This stands in stark contrast to an interview OnlyFans founder and chief executive officer Tim Stokely gave earlier this week.

In that interview, Stokely named three banks which had allegedly made it difficult for OnlyFans to pay creators. It seems that Stokely and the rest of OnlyFans have found a banking partner that won’t do that.

True to it’s word, the OnlyFans terms of service have been updated and the acceptable use policy now makes no mention of adult content as regards content that creators can’t upload. The terms of service and acceptable use policy are now more in line with what they looked like a week ago, before this debacle.

The question we have is whether creators will stick around. Telling creators that they are no longer welcome might deter them from sticking with a platform that has now shown it will turn its back on them when things get tough.

Why Stokely and co didn’t wait until they could secure a banking partner that didn’t close accounts or block transfers to creators before changing the OnlyFans terms of service is a mystery to us. Hell, at any time OnlyFans could’ve said it was looking for a new banking partner but instead it turned its back on those who helped build its service.

Hopefully this is the last controversy involving OnlyFans, at least for a while.


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