Peripherals to buy for 2022’s games

2022 is getting closer and closer proving to be a remarkable time for games as many titles have been delayed into that year.

With so much good software to get through soon it’s worth having the hardware to match with Logitech’s G PRO Series offering class leading performance in just about ever avenue.

Below is a selection of our most anticipated games for 2022 and the Logitech peripherals to match.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide plus Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset

It’s another jaunt into the world of Warhammer 40K with Darktide offering up a four player co-op experience where you and up to three friends can cut down an endless horde of Xenos.

We’re always excited to return to the 40K mythos because, while it may be a grimdark universe filled only with war, it’s endlessly exciting and fun to explore with so much established lore.

From the early reveals of Darktide the aesthetic here looks amazing with players fighting through the hive city Tertium. The gunplay looks equally exciting with 40K’s ludicrously huge guns rendered faithfully.

Darktide is being developed and published by Fatshark, a name famous for the Vermintide series of games.

Vermintide is known for taking the Left 4 Dead formula and putting a new spin on things with those two titles requiring constant contact and close teamwork to survive. On the harder difficulties these games can no be finished unless you have a competent team with great audio to communicate with.

The Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset offers ensures that you can both be heard while also hearing your game and your teammates.

With Pro-G 50mm precision drivers, professionally tuned EQ profiles out of the box, a USB sound card and more, it will be heaven for your ears.

Your teammates will benefit from hearing you over the Cardioid microphone featuring BLUE VO!CE technology that works in real time to filter out noise and make you sound as good as possible.

All of this is built into a steel and aluminium body padded with memory foam in a complete package that only weighs 320 grams.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide will release in Spring 2022. The Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset is available right now.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction plus Logitech Pro X Superlight

Rainbow Six Extraction is a spinoff of Rainbow Six Siege, one of the biggest names in competitive shooters.

Instead of fighting other players, Extraction has small teams taking on missions to gain experience and loot all while fighting an alien threat.

We’ve seen Siege test out PvE in limited-time events, but now Extraction offers that in a standalone game with its own deep progression and levelling system.

For those who love the idea but miss competing against friend, enemies strangers on the internet, there’s also a ranked mode in this latest game for the Rainbow Six series.

Anyone who played Rainbow Six Siege knows how important a good mouse is for that game with precision aiming and reliability being the difference between winning and losing.

In Rainbow Six Extraction that importance will carry over especially for the aforementioned ranked mode, which is why you may want to try out one of the lightest options out there.

There’s a reason more and more companies are shifting to the lightweight model when making a new mouse, with it offering less stress on users and more flexibility to move faster.

The Logitech Pro X Superlight comes in at less than 63 grams, developed in part with esports professional athletes to make something that excels in every way.

Lightness is only part of the battle with precision provided with Logitech’s now venerable Hero 25K Sensor offering a maximum, and rather crazy, 25 600 DPI.

Despite the great sensor and low weight this is still a fix button mouse that is wireless with a battery that lasts for 70 hours of constant motion. Many other companies skimp out on the extra buttons and only offer a wired version to save weight, but not here.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will release in January 2022. The Logitech Pro X Superlight is available right now.

Starfield plus Logitech Pro Keyboard

Starfield is maybe the most anticipated title here as the next big game from Bethesda and the first of a new series for the company.

We’ve seen only bits and pieces of Starfield so far with more slated to be revealed as we get deeper into 2022.

What we do know is that this game will have players in the boots of “Constalation”, the last group of space explorers as they strike out into the stars in a roleplaying experience.

Starfield is likely to borrow from other games in the same genre with spacefaring and controlling your own ship becoming common ground for gamers.

Like flying simulators controlling these crafts is a bit of balancing act with controllers quickly running out of buttons to keep everything in check. Keyboards have long been the de facto way to do things in virtual space and the Logitech Pro Keyboard is a prime candidate here.

The tenkeyless design here gives you a bevy of keys to play with without saddling you with a numpad that is rarely used and usually just gives you a poor posture with your mouse hand positioned further away.

There’s GX Clicky keys here providing a satisfying feedback with every press. In the middle of a dogfight that audible clang when hitting a key is also great to register a press without looking down.

And we’d be remiss not to mention the RGB lighting here. Usually seen as a frivolous show of colour, changing the key lighting to suit your spacecraft is a great way to easily locate buttons during flight.

Starfield will release in November 2022. The Logitech Pro Keyboard is available right now.


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