Standard Bank now offers customers Fixed LTE from R69 per month

Standard Bank customers looking for an affordable fixed wireless internet connection can now purchase Fixed LTE services directly from the bank.

Today Standard Bank Mobile has launched a Fixed LTE product and prices start at a cool R69 per month though pricing is determined by the bank account you have. That R69 per month package for instance is available to MyMo account holders.

The price isn’t the only thing that your bank account determines as the amount of data you have is also governed by your Standard Bank account. For instance, MyMo (PAYT) customers get 5GB of data while Private banking customers get access to 30GB of data although the price shoots up to R119 per month.

All Standard Bank Mobile Fixed LTE packages include a router.

If the data allocation isn’t enough, you can add a recurring bundle to your Fixed LTE package or you can top up with once-off Fixed LTE data bundles.

“We focus heavily on offering reliable and affordable connections, hence this addition to our product suite. Fixed LTE allows for a data connection without the physical fibre infrastructure but still offers the benefit of a high-speed data connection. It is important to us that our customers are connected, provided with products that allow them to be digitally enabled, easy to install, and also allow for easy top up and management through our website. We are especially proud to be the first to market with an LTE product from a bank,” said head of sales and distribution at Standard Bank Mobile, Lee Ramsden.

This Fixed LTE solution from Standard Bank Mobile appears to be using the MTN network according to an FAQ section on the website.

If you’re a Standard Bank customer in need of connectivity, head to the website here to learn more.


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