The Game of Life has been rebranded with Mario

Nintendo has continued its pursuit to create a Super Mario version of everything in existence with the release of a new version of the classic board game, The Game of Life.

The aptly-named “The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition” was just revealed to be sold through US retailer Target for $28.49 (~R409). As a point of comparison the regular version of The Game of Life sells for $20.99 (~R301).

Aside from the licensing the extra cost buys you four small figures for player characters with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi all included in the box.

These figures are joined by a makeover for most of the game with the board itself inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom. Even the main objective of the game has been changed to suit the branding here.

“BATTLE BOWSER: Unlike classic The Game of Life board game, this edition isn’t about money or retirement. The ultimate goal in this board game for kids is to defeat Bowser,” reads the description of the game.

This version is made for between two and four players and kids aged eight and up.

“MINIGAMES AND STARS: Use coins to buy stars for a boost in the battle against Bowser. Compete in fun minigames in a face-off for prizes, and power up with Items and Companions,” the description continues.

Some reviews for the game are already available on the Target website but they seem to be posted by The Game of Life owner Hasbro which ran some kind of programme where people played as part of a promotion. Because of this the reviews seem to trend higher with a 4.9 stars out of five rating right now, so take that with a grain of salt.

You can find the regular version of The Game of Life for sale in South Africa, but it’s never really been a popular pastime like Monopoly or 30 Seconds. Those who want to give the game a spin now purely because of the Super Mario Edition will need to privately import it from Target or hope that’s it’s made available locally some time in the future.


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