After 9 million downloads on Switch, Pokémon Unite launches on mobile

Pokémon Unite, the MOBA based on the famous franchise, has been a massive success on the Nintendo Switch so far, so it’s now on Android and iOS.

The scale of that success has been revealed recently when the official Twitter account for the game revealed that it had surpassed nine million downloads on Nintendo’s portable console.

Those wanting to play Pokémon Unite can click here for Android and here for iOS. Despite the description of the launch trailer saying that the game is available right now, both stores neither store has downloads open at the time of writing.

This may be a region or time zone problem so if it’s not available for you check back later. You may even have to wait until tomorrow going off of this tweet, but again that may be due to regions and time zone differences.

As for what devices can run the game the Android listings is barren in that department so hopefully it’s updated soon. For iOS the minimums include 810.5 MB of space as well as iOS 10.0 for iPhone, iPadOS 10.0 for iPad or iOS 10.0 for the iPod touch.

The aforementioned trailer reveals a lot more than just some new ports for the game. There’s new customisation both for player avatars as well as the playable Pokémon, crosspplay between mobile and Switch, better language support and more.

Gengar’s new outfit, based on Team Galactic, also appears in the video thumbnail. The battle pass releasing with the mobile versions is called “Galactic Ghost 094”.

Finally anyone thinking about trying the game should do so before 29th September. This is because, as part of the celebrations for nine million downloads, all players will receive 2 000 Aeos Tickets. As we’ve mentioned before the game is free and you can enjoy quite a lot of it without without feeling the need to spend any money.


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