Batman, Eternals and Super Mario LEGO sets coming to South Africa

The official LEGO stores in South Africa, through its Great Yellow Brick online store, has revealed a slew of new sets to be released in October based on properties from DC, Marvel, Nintendo and more.

The most exciting sets to us as two different versions of the Tumbler, the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman movies.

There’s a massive version with 2 049 pieces (see the header image above) and a smaller offering with just 422 pieces. Interestingly the bigger version is not entirely new but rather an update of a set from way back in 2014.

Since that set is now difficult to come by, and more expensive on the second-hand market, this updated edition is very welcome.

Click on the set numbers of any product to be taken to the sales page on Great Yellow Brick. Alternatively all the new releases can be seen here.

DC sets for October 2021:

  • 76240: Batmobile Tumbler – R4 199.99
  • 76239: Batmobile Tumbler Scarecrow Showdown – R799.99
  • 76238: Batman Classic TV Series Cowl – R1 199.99

As for DC competitor Marvel, its October sets come from The Eternals, various Spider-Man movies and The Infinity Saga.

The Spider-Man and Infinity Saga sets are based from a range of movies but The Eternals ones are, obviously, only from the one film slated for release on 5th November.

You could consider the sets here to be mild spoilers but with no context of what these characters are we think you’re safe to casually look at the sets right now.

Marvel sets for October 2021:

  • 76184: Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack – R299.99
  • 76156: Rise of the Domo – R1 799.99
  • 76237: Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle – R799.99
  • 76185: Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop – R799.99
  • 76195: Spider-Man’s Drone Duel – R349.99
  • 76154: Deviant Ambush! – R349.99
  • 76155: In Arishem’s Shadow – R1 349.99
  • 76145: Eternals’ Aerial Assault – R199.99

The final batch of sets come from all places including both LEGO’s original themes and external licences.

Nintendo has the most abstract set of the bunch. The Super Mario 64 block is an homage to the game and is a large ? block that folds out revealing small recreations of several levels from the game.

Also a licenced set here is a very small guitar based on Fender with an accompanying amp. We covered this unique creation when it was announced.

Finally there are a bunch of LEGO City sets which have a new subtheme called Stuntz. The main gimmick of Stuntz is small LEGO motorcycles with pullback motors. LEGO has made pullback motors in the past but they were much larger and seen frequently in the Technic theme.

Other sets for October 2021:

  • 71395: Super Mario 64 ? Block – R3 099.99
  • 21329: Ideas Fender Stratocaster – R 1 899.99
  • 60297: City Demolition Stunt Bike – R119.99
  • 60298: City Rocket Stunt Bike – R119.99
  • 60295: City Stunt Show Arena – R1 699.99
  • 60294: City Stunt Show Truck – R1 199.99
  • 60293: City Stunt Park – R499.99
  • 10293: Creator Expert Santa’s Visit – R1 799.99


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