Clickatell now allows businesses to accept payments via WhatsApp and SMS

We have seen ecommerce surge during the pandemic over the past 18 months, while mobile being a particular driver of said growth. As such, businesses are looking for ways to make ecommerce for customers easier, which brings us to the latest offering from Clickatell.

The mobile communications specialists has this week launched a new product called Chat 2 Pay, which allows merchants to offer payments and transactions to consumers in chat.

Chat 2 Pay facilitates secure payments in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via SMS or WhatsApp.

“In its design of Chat 2 Pay, Clickatell efficiently has orchestrated the complex relationship between messaging, payments, or the order management system (OMS) of their customers, and in the process mitigates the risk of merchants managing payment card details,” explains the company regarding the new solution.

“Brands can now improve their customer service with Chat 2 Pay by providing a more convenient and secure way to make payments in chat messaging,” adds Pieter de Villiers, CEO and co-founder of Clickatell.

Further unpacking how Chat 2 Pay works, the company highlights three specific steps:

  1. “A merchant’s customer service or sales representative triggers a payment request from a standard CRM or order management system (OMS) and sends it to the customer as a link.

  2. The customer receives a secure payment link via SMS or WhatsApp. When clicking on the link, it directs the customer to a hosted, responsive checkout page.

  3. A customer then completes details and submits a payment receiving an order confirmation and receipt via chat.”

Those businesses or merchants interested in adding Chat 2 Pay to their ecosystem can head here more details.


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