Hey remember Overwatch 2? Here are some Hero reworks

Overwatch 2 has lived an already rough life despite not even being out yet thanks to lengthy stretches of time between news on it, key staff leaving and the ongoing sexual harassment charges against Activision Blizzard.

But over the weekend the game popped up again to showcase reworking of Heroes Bastion and Sombra. Yay? 

Bastion has the most changes and gets two videos dedicated to the loveable robot. 

Firstly Bastion has a new look that was done in-universe by Torbjörn that is supposed to be sleeker and have a more technological edge. Oh, and there’s a hat now. 

We’re sure that we’ll come around to this new look in time but we don’t like what we see here. A big part of Bastion’s look was an edgier, industrial design. This, paired with the fact that Bastion is a literal killing machine, paired nicely against the more gentle nature of the hero and Ganymede.

Sticking with Bastion there’s also a video dedicated to how the character has been reworked, and the changes are quite sweeping. 

Gone is the ability to Self-Repair. In its place is a bouncing projectile that sticks to enemies. This makes sense for a damage hero but that’s not where things stop. 

The much beloved Tank mode is also gone replaced with a swap into a piece of artillery. Players switch into a top down view of the map and can then rain down explosions on the enemy. 

For those who are panicking at the loss of trundling along with treads and firepower, the Sentry mode now no longer locks you in place instead allowing for slower movement. 

Finally there’s also a rework for Sombra. Her Hack has a cooldown reduction and allows enemies to be viewed through walls. This is a big one as so-called “wallhacks” always have the potential to be unfair when implemented poorly. 

Other changes to Sombra seek to increase her “damage potential” but none are as sweeping as those for Bastion.


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